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WHY You Need a True Area Specialist to Represent You

In today’s age, most agents are claiming to be an area specialist in someway or another.  For some agents this is merely a marketing piece, but for others they truly care about that specific zip code.  For example, the team I work for The AZ Real Estate Team is a true 85260 specialist.  Our office is in 85260, we do almost all of our work in 85260, we invest in 85260, and we live in 85260.  With that being said, who would be better to represent you if you are buying or selling a home in 85260?  Here are several reasons why you should hire a neighborhood specialist that cares about the community:

  • Knows exactly what market value should be for specific homes
  • Tracks all inventory in that specific zip code
  • Will be able to negotiate better than any outside agent, due to so much knowledge of that zip code
  • Familiar with schools, gyms, restaurants, shopping
  • How to get maximum price for a home in that community
  • Can give you pertinent information on every home in the community
  • Know of homes going on the market before they are actually listed

These are just some reasons why you and your family should find a neighborhood specialist.  Everyone knows someone that has their real estate license, but are they the best choice when purchasing or selling your largest asset?


 What we have noticed continued……

We are now approaching the end of October, and as the temperature continues to drop, we continue to get busier and busier.  We have noticed more and more qualified buyers at our open houses.  Just a few months ago, we were averaging 5-10 people through one of our open houses.  In the month of October, we are now averaging 18-20 people through our open houses.  On the listing side we are noticing that when your home is priced correctly, it is selling fast for close to full price!!

Have a wonderful weekend,

The  AZ Real Estate Team

What we have noticed in the market.

We are now in October, and the triple digit temperatures are now passed us for good.  What we have noticed is that out of state guests are blowing up our phones regarding vacation rental properties.  We have been taking calls from California, Canada, Illinois, Michigan, and other cold winter states.  Our guests are coming for family reunions, golf trips, the Superbowl, weddings, or just family vacations.  A lot of people are coming here and choosing to look at real estate as an investment, or as a second home.  If you have thought about selling your home in the fall of this year, or even the spring of next year please contact us and we would be happy to give you an evaluation of your home.

Have a great weekend,

The AZ Real Estate Team


How to Find the Perfect Listing Agent

Are you thinking about selling your home?  This should be an extremely exciting time for you, and your family.  Picking the perfect listing agent will make this process run as smooth as possible.  Here are three things you need to think about before choosing an agent to list your home.

1.  Am I interviewing multiple agents for the job?
The only way to know that you are going to get the best service possible, is exploring your options.  When you find the right agent you will KNOW.  Selling a home is most likely one of the biggest financial decisions that a family will make, so choose wisely.

2. Does my agent work in real estate full time?
 In today’s society, everyone knows someone that works in real estate.  We all have a friend, a family member, or a colleague who has their real estate license, but do they run their real estate career like a business?  It is vital that you choose a real estate professional to list your home, so when it comes time for negotiations you get the best possible price for your home.

What are the benefits of choosing an area specialist?
 Choosing an area specialist is a fantastic decision.  Someone that works in your zip code day in and day out knows the market that they are dealing with.  Most of the time they have a good idea of what your home can sell for based off of recent sales in your neighborhood.  Another benefit of choosing an area specialist is the fact that they have a data base of potential buyers that could be the perfect fit for your home!

Have a great day!

August Market Update

This is our August report from what we have been seeing from the trenches of the real estate industry.  We are specifically going to be taking a look at the number of homes that are either cancelled or expired listings.  In July of 2013 there were a little over 2,100 cancelled or expired listings.  As  of July 2014 there are over 3,000 cancelled or expired listings, which is almost a 50 percent increase since last year.  The first reason that this is happening, is because we are in a relatively flat market.  If your home is over priced it can sit as long as 30, 60, or 90 days.  This is why it is so critical to hire a listing agent that works full time, is a market expert, and even an expert in your specific area.  Another possible reason that we have been seeing homes cancel or expire, is due to poor marketing.  The marketing tactics that your listing agent provides for you are a critical part of the home selling process.  Some of the marketing techniques that we use to sell homes include professional photography, post-cards, door knocking, and internet marketing including Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia.  In todays market it is important that your Realtor is a true professional to receive excellent service, and more importantly get your home sold as quickly as possibly for top dollar!

Have a great weekend!

The AZ Real Estate Team

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